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Elkhart Indiana

who we are

We are a family-owned kennel providing

top-quality bullies with locations in:

  • Elkhart, Indiana/Edwardsburg, Michigan

  • Gauteng, South Africa

Our bullies have won many awards and have made great additions to families across North America. We are also members and proud supporters of the following:

We love the American Bully breed and we aim to better them as a whole. Our journey started with just one dog as a pet. Soon after, one Bully became two, and then we found ourselves joining in competitions with many dogs and friends who share the same love for American Bullies.

All of our pups are examined and vaccinated by licensed veterinarians, micro-chipped and de-wormed before they move into their new homes.


View our dogs here:

If you're interested in meeting us and our bullies, schedule an appointment here.

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Who We Are
Elkhart Indiana

origins 5-in-1

Everyone always asks us how do our dogs look the way that they do...

#1 is GENETICS!! If you want a badass looking dog, you need to find a breeder with a program of badass dogs! 

#2 is DIET!! We feed our dogs raw (a blend of ground beef, rabbit, chicken, fish, and organs), and we also add the Origins 5-in-1 product on top!

Origins is composed of whole wild fish, digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, yeast support, and GI tract lining support. Origins also naturally contains vitamins, minerals, and 42 omega fatty acids with guaranteed 3 & 6 content. Origins is specifically made to impact overall gut health (if your dog can actually digest all of its food, then imagine how your dog will blossom!).

Where did Origins come from? Rogue Pet Science was founded by Nate Dewsbury and Blake Jackson. Both were very active with dogs and dog training. Having tried every imaginable food and diet with their pets, they realized something was always not right with dry dog food. Nate is a scientist and was quickly able to identify the nutritional deficits our pets face when he began working with pet food companies. Nate and Blake's goal is to fix what is wrong with pet food once and for all.

To make a long story short, Origins only adds to your dogs nutrition and health and never subtracts!! 


  • To check out the Rogue Bully Science website and read more about this amazing product that RBKZ proudly stands by, click here.

Here is the Rogue Bully Science website so you can order your first bag! Use the code ROYALTY10 to get a discount at checkout! 

Order ORGINS 5-in-1 now

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