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Most of our female American Bullies are shown in BOTH the ABKC and BRC. usually they're champed out before they are bred. they're all also healthy and up-to-date with vaccinations. We believe your yard is only as strong as your females in it! See below for the details on each one and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

American Bully Assocation


  • Located in Indiana

  • Evee is a lilac pocket female. Her sire is the notorious KingPin that was sold overseas. 

  • Evee has one more breeding left, then she will be retired. 

  • Pedigree Link: Bullypedia.Net

  • Please contact Mike for more information about Evee at 574-343-3227.

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  • Beretta is off of our GrCh El Toro x Evee breeding and is littermates to Savage and Frieza

  • Located in Farmland, Indiana

  • Height: 15"

  • Weight: 65 lbs

  • Head: Available Upon Request

  • Please contact Mike for any questions about Beretta at 574-343-3227

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  • 'Endgame" also known as "Emmy" is our pocket Ch Grimm x Blues Clues daughter.

  • ABKC pointed with majors

  • Emmy will be bred to GrCh Goku and GrCh Zero after she acquires her Champion title in the ABKC

  • Feel free to shoot us a message for more information on Emmy and/or her breedings.

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  • Kali is our GrCh Goku and Lust daughter located in South Africa with our partner Cindy.

  • Kali has been bred to a Carnage son "Tiny" and is due mid July 2022. 

  • Located in Gauteng, South Africa

  • Feel free to shoot us a message for more information on Kali and/or her breedings.

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lizzie borden


  • Lizzie is pocket and is also pointed, with majors, in both ABKC and BRC.

  • GrCh Royalty daughter with a twist of GrCh Castro

  • Located in Indiana

  • Height: 14.5" tall

  • Weight: 60 lbs 

  • Head: 19"

  • Please contact Paulina for more information about Lizzie at 574-304-2589 or click Request More Information below :) 

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rbkz duvalin


  • GrCh Royalty x Harley daughter

  • Located in Indiana

  • She is considered chocolate and is pocket. 

  • Duvalin will be bred to Magic City late summer 2022

  • Please contact Paulina for more info on Duvalin via the link below 

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rbkz la mas bella

  • Frieza daughter and littermate sister to the Golden Frieza

  • Her temperament is out of this world! She is the friendliest dog in the whole camp. Absolutely wonderful with children and other dogs

  • Located in Indiana

  • She is considered blue trindle and is pocket. She has produced lilac, champagne, and blue tris with Carnage 

  • She is currently carrying Fatso babies and is due July 2022

  • Please contact Paulina for more info on Bella via the link below 

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gamora 6.jpg
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  • Gamora is our Canadian baby from our Quebec partners Kevin & Marie

  • She will be bred in Fall 2021

  • Located in Indiana

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lust aka little one


  • "Little One" is our keeper from the Carnage and Luna breeding.

  • Pocket female

  • ABKC and BRC pointed

  • Please contact Paulina for more information on this female at 574-304-2589 or send us an email via the link below. 

little one 4.jpg
blue star summer 2021.jpg
Pet Smart

rbkz Blue Star


  • Champion Vortex x Katara daughter

  • Located in Danville, Quebec

  • Blue Star's first breeding will be to Jose of RBKZ

  • Please contact Kevin & Marie for more info on Blue Star at or at 873-200-7718

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  • Champion Carnage x Beretta daughter

  • Located in Farmlabd, Indiana 

  • Kimber's first breeding has been to Tank 

  • Please contact Mike & Bree at 574-612-4300 or click the link below to send an email for more information on Kimber and her future breedings 

kimber front shot.jpg