Most of our female American Bullies are shown in BOTH the ABKC and BRC. usually they're champed out before they are bred. they're all also healthy and up-to-date with vaccinations. We believe your yard is only as strong as your females in it! See below for the details on each one and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

CHampion chaos

  • Height: 14"

  • Weight: 50 lbs

  • ABKC & BRC Pocket Champion titles

  • Dam to "GRCH RBKZ's/CBC's The Saga Continues," "RBKZ's Mayhem," and "RBKZ's Carnage"

  • Pedigree Link: Bullypedia.Net

champion taraji

  • 2017 ABKC Nationals Class Champion Winner

  • Champed in Two Different Registries in just a handful of events

  • Taraji is the mother to ABKC Champion Goku, Raditz, and Beef.

  • Pedigree Link: Bullypedia.Net


  • Located in Indiana

  • Height: Available Upon Request

  • Weight: Available Upon Request

  • Head: Available Upon Request

  • Pedigree Link: Bullypedia.Net

  • Please contact Mike for more information about Evee at 574-343-3227.

abkc & brc Ch Andromeda

  • Andromeda is currently 1 year old and is Champion in both ABKC and BRC! She is scheduled to make her UKC debut Spring 2021.

  • She is daughter to FOB Thomas' King Coby and FOB Thomas' Stiletto of the Starrs 

  • Located in Indiana 

  • Contact Ezekiel for information on Andromeda and any breeding plans for her at 574-326-7191


ghost's fury

  • ABKC/BRC Pocket Champion

  • Parents are both ABKC/BRC Champions

  • Height: 15.5"

  • Weight: 65 lbs

  • Head: 21.5"

  • Dam to Chaotic, Davina, Tamale, Sinister, and Dark Matter

  • Her retirement breeding will be to Champion Goku and then she will be spayed!

beretta .jpg


  • Beretta is off of our GrCh El Toro x Evee breeding and is littermates to Savage and Frieza

  • Located in Farmland, Indiana

  • Height: 15"

  • Weight: 65 lbs

  • Head: Available Upon Request

  • Please contact Mike for any questions about Beretta at 574-343-3227


  • May is a Ch Chaos and GrCh Rickey Ricardo daughter, littermate to GrCh The Saga Continues.

  • May is a standard female.

  • ABKC and BRC pointed with majors

  • May will be bred to Caldey's RedBull from the UK in the Spring of 2021.

mayhem 2020.jpg

lizzie borden


  • Lizzie is pocket and is also pointed, with majors, in both ABKC and BRC.

  • GrCh Royalty daughter with a twist of GrCh Castro

  • Located in Indiana

  • Lizzie's next breeding is to ABKC Ch Aron in Spring 2021.

  • Height: 14.5" tall

  • Weight: 60 lbs 

  • Head: 19"

  • Please contact Paulina for more information about Lizzie at 574-304-2589 or click Request More Information below :) 



  • Spade is a pocket GrCh Lotto daughter 

  • She is currently 1 year old.

  • She will also be making her debut in the ABKC very soon! 

  • Please contact Paulina for more information about Spade at 574-304-2589 or click Request More Information below :) 



  • Storm is the biggest female in the entire kennel! She is a standard girl, weighing in at 75 pounds.

  • Storm's next breeding will be to ABKC Grand Champion Zero Barks Given.

  • Please contact Paulina for more information about Storm at 574-304-2589 or click Request More Information below :) 



  • Gamora is our Canadian baby from our Quebec partners Kevin & Marie

  • Updated pictures coming soon

  • Located in Indiana

lust aka little one


  • "Little One" is our keeper from the Carnage and Luna breeding.

  • Updated pictures coming soon

  • Will be bred to ABKC Champion Goku this Spring 2021



  • Jinx is our only merle in the kennel!

  • She is being bred to CARNAGE in Spring 2021!

  • She's a very flashy girl (her color is considered blue tri merle), and she has an AMAZING personality to match!

  • Jinx is located in Indiana

  • Please contact Paulina for more information on Jinx and her breedings at 574-304-2589 or email us at

rbkz Blue Star


  • Vortex x Katara daughter

  • Located in Danville, Quebec

  • Blue Star's first breeding will be to RBKZ Machado

  • Please contact Kevin & Marie for more info on Blue Star at or at 873-200-7718

rbkz duvalin


  • GrCh Royalty x Harley daughter

  • Located in Indiana

  • Duvalin's first breeding will be to RBKZ's JellyRoll

  • Please contact Paulina for more info on Duvalin at or at 574-304-2589

blues clues toysoldier.jpg



  • GrCh RockoMania daughter

  • Located in Ohio

  • Blue is being bred to ABKC Grand Champion Zero Barks Given in Spring 2021

  • Contact Richard Price for more info on Blues Clues at 234-284-5438 or email

ch stardust


  • ABKC/BRC Ch Ghost daughter

  • StarDust is an ABKC Champion


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